AwesomeSource is a music writing and production company that specialises in creating unique, tailored soundtracks and SFX for a variety of media projects. We have experience in video game music, popular music and music for advertising. Jayde has a background in audio engineering and music production whilst Broghan has experience in performance, composition and music education.  
AwesomeSource are based in Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. 


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General Update

AwesomeSource is taking a holiday from making compositions together for a while, however, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on the "Contact" page if you have any queries! We may still be able to assist with your project.

The AwesomeSource team

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Rival Stars: Horse Racing

Broghan Paige, Jayde Marter and Jason Erskine have worked together on the sound track for PikPok's latest Rival Stars title, Rival Stars: Horse Racing! Menu music created by Jason Erskine, introduction and race music by Broghan Paige. SFX and ADR by Jayde Marter and Jason Erskine

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Into the Dead 2: Night of the Living Dead Event

In a fabulous homage to the late George. A. Romero, PikPok have created the Night of the Living Dead special event - and we created a version of "In The Pines". 

Vocals by Broghan Paige, guitar by Jason Erskine, production by Jayde Marter

Kung-Fu Clicker

AwesomeSource has had the pleasure of teaming up with Jason Erskine at PikPok to come up with this awesome funk soundtrack for Kung-Fu Clicker, which has quickly become a favourite of ours. PikPok worked alongside Altitude Games to create this little gem. Vocals by Broghan Paige.
Composition, voice over and SFX by Broghan Paige and Jayde Marter

SFX by Jayde Marter

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Into the Dead 2: Untamed

PikPok is raising awareness for tiger conservation alongside charity Panthera in the most recent Into the Dead 2 story update.

The tiger SFX for this event were made by Jayde, and modelled on our studio kitten, Rocket Cat. 

Into the Dead 2 

AwesomeSource has written the theme tune, "Nails", for PikPok's sequel to the revered 'Into the Dead' alongside Thomas Oliver. This tune has been well received since the game's release on October 23rd 2017. "Nails" composition and vocals by Broghan Paige
SFX, ADR and soundtrack also by Jayde. 

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Into the Dead 2: Updates

Jayde has been working on the SFX for some exciting updated content for Into the Dead 2 as part of PikPok's Audio Department. Keep an eye on PikPok's site for any new content:


Ajax, the Kea Conservation Dog

This was Broghan Paige's first solo production for AwesomeSource, with SFX by Jayde Marter. The project was filmed by director Michael Weatherall and was shot on location in Nelson, New Zealand. The film earned a place in the New Zealand International Film Festival and played in Auckland, screening before the marine conservation documentary 'Blue'.

Play by Play Award for Excellence in Audio

PikPok has won the Play by Play award for Excellence in Audio for the sound on Doomsday Clicker! 


This title was the second of the clicker style games we made music for. This game utilizes both the medieval and blues genres to create a unique soundtrack, Also included are some more of the comedy titles that we have become known for. 
Compositions, SFX and Voice Over work by Broghan Paige and Jayde Marter

Giant Killer Robots

We made the official trailer soundtrack for this project, Weta Workshop's Giant Killer Robots Kickstarter video which was very exciting for us as avid board game enthusiasts. The project was funded in 4.5 hours! On this project, there were over 162 individual robot SFX sounds in the trailer alone.

Composition, including "Hapsi" jingle by Broghan Paige. Composition and SFX by Jayde Marter. Guitar by Kent Hogan



Made by AwesomeSource for PikPok. A full soundtrack is included under the 'game music' tab. This game presented some unique design challenges, particularly in fight sequences, where multiple loops play as intensity increases during battles. Each faction also has their own full theme.

Doomsday Clicker


Doomsday Clicker has received much acclaim for its soundtrack. In addition to the jazzy comedy titles 'Have You Pushed The Button Yet' and 'Why Did You [Do Something So Wrong]' by Broghan Paige, the unobtrusive in-game music has received much praise, and gave us an opportunity to showcase our skills at a different genre. Jayde's sound design added so much to the atmosphere of this game, receiving mention from players and reviewers alike. 

Monsters Ate My Metropolis


Monsters Ate My Metropolis was one of our most successful titles to date. The soundtrack quickly became a major feature in the reviews Pikpok recieved, particularly 'The Winniest Winner' [the winning screen anthem] by Broghan Paige. We also wrote and recorded the music for a trailer that was unfortunately abandoned, but was still a lot of fun. Jayde's sound design for each of the attack cards featured in the game gets a lot of laughs - particularly the 'pew pew' lasers featured on the winning screen. 

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