Into the Dead 2 Trailer

AwesomeSource has written the trailer theme tune for 'Into the Dead 2' sequel to PikPok's highly successful 'Into the Dead'. The theme tune was created alongside Thomas Oliver, New Zealand musician, who plays the Weissenborn on the track. Further updates will be added when the game is released on October 23rd, 2017.

Ajax, the Kea Conservation Dog

This was Broghan Paige's first solo production for AwesomeSource, with SFX by Jayde Marter. The project was filmed by director Michael Weatherall and was shot on location in Nelson, New Zealand. The film earned a place in the New Zealand International Film Festival and played in Auckland, screening before the marine conservation documentary 'Blue'.

Weta Workshop's Giant Killer Robots

One of our favorite and most exciting projects to date has been making the Kickstarter video sound track for Weta Workshop's Giant Killer Robots. The compositions were created by Broghan and Jayde and played with the help of guitarist and legendary local physics nerd, Kent Hogan [some of the main theme]. There are over 162 SFX in this short trailer, made using samples of a variety of machinery. One of the most challenging aspects of putting together the SFX was creating a sense of scale for the robots through sound. Editing together the background music over the instructional part of the video so it did not demand too attention from viewers, but still held them in suspense, was also challenging. This Kickstarter project was funded in 4.5 hours with a funding goal of $100,000.

Doomsday Clicker

Our most recent title to date, Doomsday Clicker has recieved much acclaim for its soundtrack. In addition to the jazzy comedy titles 'Have You Pushed The Button Yet' and 'Why Did You [Do Something So Wrong]' the unobtrusive in-game music has recieved much priase, and gave us an opportunity to showcase our skills at a different genre. Jayde's sound design added so much to the atmosphere of this game, recieving mention from players and reviewers alike. 

Monsters Ate My Metropolis

Monsters Ate My Metropolis was one of our most successful titles to date. The soundtrack quickly became a major feature in the reviews Pikpok recieved, particularly 'The Winniest Winner' [the winning screen anthem]. We also wrote and recorded the music for a trailer that was unfortunately abandoned, but was still a lot of fun. Jayde's sound design for each of the attack cards featured in the game gets a lot of laughs - particularly the 'pew pew' lasers featured on the winning screen. 


Challenges in this game included creating an atmosphere that did not become repetitive or annoying. The music in this game builds as the player progresses their score, beginning with a single pizzicato instrument, evolving into a cello, then finally introducing the rest of the instruments. The music fades in and out as the player progresses and regresses their score. 

The SFX for this game was designed to have an interactive melodic element. Each letter selected produces a tone from the melody. 


Adventure Xpress was our first comedy title, where we began to explore our versatility in comedy writing and experimented with creating celtic punk music using cartoon voices. Though initially met with opposition, the music enced up being one of the high points of the game and recieved 4.5 of a possible 5 stars on iTunes. 


This game's soundtrack was created by Jayde and GUIDANCE- Jayde and Broghan's first band together. 


SFX and production on soudtrack by Jayde, who worked alongside Kadington [the featured artist]. 


Into The Dead: 

Updates for the sound effects [including the Deathgasm set] were created using foley by Jayde. 


Into The Dead VR:

Sound effects, improvements to sound quality, and updates for this game by Jayde.



Jayde's first title with Pikpok. He did the Transformers update for this game.



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